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About us

The Nelumo story

From a science paper in high school to a sustainable business.


Hello, my name is Edvards! I'm the author of Nelumo gloves. I had the idea about ecological cleaning gloves in 2018 when researching ecological and hygienical issues in the world for a biology paper. I was surprised about dishwashing sponges, especially the negative impact they can have on our health and environment. As I also used a lot of sponges at home, I had the desire to find a healthier alternative for us humans and for the nature.

It took more than two years to research the various silicone materials, create a design and arrange manufacturing. At the end of 2020 Nelumo was born- a practical and ecological alternative to traditional dishwashing sponges.


Sponges and Your kitchen

Researching the structure of sponges, it became clear why they are considered as the dirties place in a home. The porous structure, which is full of organic waste, as well as the warm and moist environment makes the kitchen sponge and ideal habitat for bacteria. Analysis show bacteria density of up to 5,4*1010 cells per cm3 and confirms the dominance of “Gammaproteobacteria”. These bacteria often cause food poisoning and can be a cause for meningitis among other illnesses.

This is the main reason, why Nelumo gloves are made from a non-porous material, which can be easily sterilized in boiling water and washed in a dishwasher. It allows for you to always keep the gloves clean and safe.


Let's protect our nature

One sponge in the average household gets used and thrown out in just couple of days. This way, every year, billions of sponges end up in our waste bins. They can't be recycled and decompose in more than 50'000 years, which leads them to go from our bins to landfill and later to end up polluting our forests and oceans.

Thanks to the durable food-grade silicone, Nelumo can last multiple years, replacing at least 100 sponges. At the end of their use Nelumo gloves can be recycled, adhering to the “0 WASTE” philosophy.


Join the Nelumo mission and together we can make the cleaning process easier, safer and more sustainable!

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